The following is a presentation of examples of public service campaigns, current and over the years, produced by Planet Earth Foundation.


World Needs To Help Ukraine, go to unhcr/ua/en, The UN Refugee Agency, created by Planet Earth Foundation’s Planet Earth Media and World Campaign. 2022



World Hunger 2022, go to, created by Planet Earth Foundation’s Planet Earth Media and World Campaign. 2022



Russian Sexual Violence In Ukraine, go to, created by Planet Earth Foundation’s Planet Earth Media and World Campaign. 2022



Help Ukraine, go to US AID and the Center for International Disaster Information at, created by Planet Earth Foundation’s Planet Earth Media and World Campaign. 2022



We’re All In This Pandemic Together, visit World Health Organization at, images from Planet Earth Foundation’s award-winning public service campaigns over the years, created by Planet Earth Foundation’s Planet Earth Media and World Campaign. 2021



Get Vaccinated English, information from, created by Planet Earth Foundation’s Planet Earth Media and World Campaign. 2021



Get Vaccinated Spanish, Vacúnese Español, created by Planet Earth Foundation’s Planet Earth Media and World Campaign. 2021



Educate, Motivate, Activate, World Campaign. 2021



Wildfires, learn more from Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change at, created by Planet Earth Foundation’s Planet Earth Media and World Campaign. 2021



You, World Campaign. 2020.



World Campaign 1. Revised. 2019



Planet Earth Foundation’s Planet Earth Media and World Campaign award-winning public service ad excerpts: 1990s through 2000s.



The following are a handful of excerpts from comments on Planet Earth Foundation’s public service media work:

Having many years’ experience professionally immersed in social/nonprofit issues, the public service messaging provided by Planet Earth Foundation is invaluable, particularly their current work on Covid-19 messaging. The quality, thoughtfulness and creative genius behind each Planet Earth project is superb.

Gillian LaFond, Nonprofit Professional

This letter is in strong support of assistance to the work of the non-profit Planet Earth Foundation – with its associated Planet Earth Media, World Campaign, and Campaign to End Hunger – and its principals, Keith and Lisa Blume.

…The Planet Earth Foundation, though small in size, holds a vast repository of knowledge…on ‘how to get the word out’ successfully to a mass audience on such great issues – domestic and foreign – as hunger, disease, poverty, energy consumption, population, violence, and the environment. I believe it represents an irreplaceable national resource.

~ Roy Prosterman, Professor of Law Emeritus, University of Washington, and Chairman Emeritus, Rural Development Institute, Seattle

It has been a privilege to know the Blumes and their work for the Planet Earth Foundation for thirty years. Their dedication to working for the improvement of humanity—whether it be the environment, hunger, war, disease, child sex abuse, climate change, Covid 19 vaccination or a multitude of other crucial issues—is remarkable.

Robert M. Kane, Jr., Esq. (Retired), LeSourd & Patten, Community Volunteer, special commendation for outstanding service from the Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice

Hunger, War, Disease, Human Rights, Environment, Population, Economic Opportunity and Personal Growth are all interrelated indeed. The journey to health and wellness of individuals and environments begins and ends with our personal choices. The freedom to choose mindfully for positive outcomes is essential for betterment of our global condition. The work of Planet Earth Foundation and World Campaign clearly outline choices for us to consider which serve our concentric communities beginning with ourselves and radiating outward. 

John Commerford, award-winning motion picture producer and screenwriter

The focus of World Campaign has been on raising awareness on the environment, population, hunger, war, disease, human rights, economic opportunity to end poverty, and personal growth in consciousness on these interrelated issues. World Campaign was established with the conviction that ongoing public education on these issues is required to reinforce motivation to identify appropriate and workable solutions, and sustain support for taking successful action.

Regardless of opinion about progress or lack of progress on various issues, or opinion on how they should be addressed, do you believe that since World Campaign began, global awareness has increased on the interrelated nature of the majority of issues World Campaign focuses on, and the need to address these issues in relationship to each other in order to achieve sustainable success?”

Results: Yes 75%, No 25%, Issue of the Week, World Campaign

(To Planet Earth Foundation): Thank you very much for sharing your proposal to address the increasing public health threat posed by underage drinking. I share the concerns of the Foundation and acknowledge that we need a comprehensive public health based education effort or campaign for parents, health care providers, school officials and students. There simply has been no major effort to educate on the dangers of underage drinking. 

(To the National Institutes of Health): I have attached a media outreach proposal that was developed by the Planet Earth Foundation in Seattle. I welcome your input on efforts at CDC to address the growing problem of underage drinking and any efforts to form partnerships with groups like the Planet Earth Foundation.

Patty Murray, United States Senator

I am writing to thank you for the lovely, sensitive WIC (The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children) PSAs. … State and local WIC staff who have seen the PSAs have said they are excellent and beautiful. I have gotten a wonderful response from every group that has seen them. Once again, your creative team has produced exceptional PSAs that are very appealing to the target population.

We will use the PSAs to bring more clients into WIC during this period of expansion. We already purchased air time and got a favorable response … I am so glad we have the new PSAs at this critical time … please extend the appreciation of the entire WIC-community and the mothers and children currently left out of the WIC Program to all those who worked on this project. The PSAs you have developed will effect the lives of many!”

Kristin J. Sasseen, Outreach Coordinator, Public Health Nutrition Services, WIC Program

I want to acknowledge Planet Earth Foundation’s creation, production, and distribution of television, radio, and print materials for the “Knowledge for Life” public service announcement campaign, on behalf of the University of Washington. Your award-winning work resulted in a series of high-quality announcements dramatizing the benefits people in our community receive from this institution, including life-saving health care delivery, improvements to the environment, and the opportunities and benefits of a college education.

The creative concepts you developed are especially powerful for carrying these messages, and the dramatic vividness of the spots made a lasting impression for all who viewed or heard them.

I am sure all who are exposed to these spots would agree. Congratulations and best wishes for future success.

Norman G. Arkans, Associate Vice President for, University Relations, University of Washington

Planet Earth Media (PEM) conducted a highly successful national multi-media public service advertising (PSA) campaign for the Alliance To Save Energy entitled “Campaign To Save Energy.” The Campaign was funded in part by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. As the former Director of Communications at the Alliance, I had the honor of coordinating this national effort with PEM staff…

PEM developed, produced and distributed the Campaign To Save Energy to broadcasters and publications in the top 50 markets nationwide. In 16 months PEM obtained over $10 million dollars worth of free placements. Alliance staff, partners, associates and supporters regularly viewed the PSAs on television and heard the radio PSAs. … One of the PSAs entitled “Save Earth” received the prestigious International Broadcasting Award for best commercial in the world on the environment.

One of the many highlights for the Alliance during the campaign was Vice President AI Gore describing the Campaign To Save Energy as the new standard for the industry and urging other agencies and organizations to undertake such projects.

~ Mary Ann Gourlay, Assistant Dean and Director of External Relations, Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University

Impressed, Yes! But it is inadequate to express my profound feelings for the foundation and the staff. Working with you on the YMCA commercials will be a long and fondly remembered event.

The great things that the Foundation has accomplished in bringing world hunger and other worthy causes to public awareness has been more than award winning! Keith and Lisa Blume are deserving of thanks from all the caring souls worldwide. Their foundation is filling a void where action is vitally needed. In my book, Keith and Lisa are worthy of “sainthood”!

The Foundation staff were professional … actually more than professional They were warm and caring people that worked with dedication and enthusiasm.

P.S. What a beautiful world it would be if more people that “care” would put their “caring” into “action” as Keith and Lisa Blume have with The Planet Earth Foundation.

William M. Claxton, Greater Hollywood YMCA

(In our book, the person worthy of sainthood is Bill Claxton. He served in the invasion at Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge, and earned several medals including the Purple Heart. He then devoted years to helping at-risk youth. When he passed away, the New York Daily News headlined an article about him “Volunteer Icon”. The same article also mentioned the PSAs we produced featuring him.)

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone (the above represents only a small fraction of commentary) for their perceptive, kind and generous comments on our work over the years.