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Saturn’s Moon Titan, Smithsonian Magazine, September 2109


As we approach the Fall equinox in the northern hemisphere and the Spring in the southern, we look outward to what everything on earth has in common–being part of the larger universe–and the ingredients necessary for life, here, there and everywhere.

This leads us to an intriguing and informative article from the September issue of the Smithsonian Magazine, on a new NASA mission to Saturn’s largest moon, Titan.

Take a fascinating and mind-expanding trip that’s a reminder of what we are part of that is so much larger than any of us and all of us, and the never-ending journey of discovery we are on.

Here’s the article:

“Dragonfly Spacecraft to Scour the Sands of Titan for the Chemistry of Life”

By Jay Bennett, Smithsonian Magazine, September 2019 Issue

The NASA rotorcraft, resembling a large quadcopter drone, will fly through the orange clouds of the ocean moon in the outer solar system

Titan and SaturnA natural color view of Titan and Saturn taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft wide-angle camera on May 6, 2012, at a distance of approximately 483,000 miles (778,000 kilometers) from Titan. (NASA / JPL-Caltech / Space Science Institute)