Issue of the Week: War, Hunger, Human Rights

Starving baby in Yemen, two days before his death, The Independent


As the international storm increases over the obvious state torture, murder and hacking to pieces of a renowned Saudi journalist, a US resident in process of permanent residency, and reporting for The Washington Post, unravels more and more, we are face to face with our living in and complicity with the age of utter barbarism.

Leaders from Saudi Arabia to the US and beyond are reduced to nothing less than butchers and sociopathic enablers, souls consumed by money and power, talking out of all side of their mouths, contradicting themselves in ways that not even school children would allow.

Yes, barbarism has always been there. But explain to yourself how you require civilized behavior of your children. Why it matters when the butchers of power have no compulsion against heinous murder in front of us all.

This thing called boundaries, fear of getting caught, that anchors even the possibility of anything approaching civilization versus the blood on the sand of the Coliseum for the cheering blood-thirsty masses.

Many other journalists have been killed and are at risk. And activists. We’ve been in some of these situations with life at risk. It is terrifying. But more terrifying for these carriers of truth to the rest of us, by definition of the commitments they’ve made and the values their work embodies, is that they will not be able to finish their jobs.

Our job, is to stop it, with demanding through democratic or disruptive action to get to functioning fast-acting governments requiring accountability and justice.

It’s been done or you, you and you would never vote, would all be in prison or dead.

But more on that part of the end of civilization as we knew it to come. For now, a break from commentary and a first-hand look at the horror caused by our being shielded from the truth.

To look at the most vulnerable members of our species whose blood is on all of us.

We focus on Saudi Arabia and it’s main ally the US in it’s war with Iran and allies in Yemen. Being fought with the antithesis of intelligence, much less international law, but in fact with the conscious murder and starvation of millions of babies.

Look at the image at the start of this post.

And look and look and look.

The following tells the story in an all-video post.

Today from the BBC, “Yemen could be ‘worst famine in 100 years’”.

It only takes 4 minutes and 28 seconds of bravery to look from your chair.

One hundred years.

Followed by: four more instructive videos on the situation that require only 2 minutes or less. About 12 minutes altogether of sacrifice behind the safety of your video screen.

Here they are:


BBC News